iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

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iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor



The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor makes blood pressure tracking much easier than ever before thanks to a smaller cuff at the wrist and Bluetooth wireless connectivity the iHealth app on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It also uses motion sensor technology to help ensure the most accurate results possible.

Measure and track your systolic/diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time

  ✿   Measure blood pressure directly from your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  ✿   Record systolic / diastolic numbers, heart rate and pulse wave
  ✿   View historical readings and World Health Organisation's (WHO) classifications
  ✿   View these through colourful, easy-to-read displays
  ✿   Share results instantly with friends, family or healthcare providers
  ✿   Motion Sensor Technology helps ensure accurate readings
  ✿   Lightweight, easy on / off design
  ✿   Free integrated app includes personalised health tools – MyVitals

iHealth have found a way to make checking your blood pressure even cooler. Their Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor attaches with a smaller cuff at the wrist, for easy on and off. It also uses motion sensor technology to ensure the most accurate read possible. Using the free MyVitals mobile app, measure and track your systolic / diastolic numbers, heart rate, pulse wave and measurement time. Then share your results instantly.

This new integrated mobile app brings this product to life. It is designed to fit your lifestyle and assist in everyday health management. It works seamlessly with iHealth’s current line of self-monitoring mobile health devices, such as the body analysis scale and wireless activity & sleep tracker, and will integrate with future related products. It allows you to build a personal dashboard based on your preferred products and features for quick and easy use. You would be able to set goals, view trends, track progress, log food intake, activities, and share your data instantly. iHealth’s new integrated app empowers you to manage your personal health in an intuitive way, while keeping up with your busy life.

  ✿   Report card style with trend-tracking views ...
  ✿   ... allowing you to have a quick snapshot of your progress and results
  ✿   Customisable dashboards making it easy to get the information quickly
  ✿   Track calories, log food & activities, while viewing your progress throughout the day in real time
  ✿   Create plans and set reminders to help you stay focused
  ✿   Rich and informative data to give you a clearer view of your health trends

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic arm cuff blood pressure monitor that uses the oscillometric principle to measure your systolic, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate. The monitor works with the free MyVitals app that has personalised health tools to help you get the most out of your data and to better manage your health goal.

Home monitoring is a great way to help detect and monitor high blood pressure. Regular readings taken over a period of time can track the history of your results and indicate any changes, fluctuations or elevations in your blood pressure. An individual high reading is not necessarily an indication of hypertension or other health issue. This Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor provides a convenient way to test, track and share your results.

The Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor has obtained CE medical certification (Europe) as well as FDA approval (USA). The monitor also has obtained ESH Certification (European Society of Hypertension).

  ✿   Wireless communication: Bluetooth V3.0+EDR
  ✿   Machine size: 145mm x 58mm x 30m)
  ✿   Cuff circumference: 13.5cm - 22cm
  ✿   Weight: approx 105g
  ✿   Measuring method: Oscillometric method, automatic inflation and measurement
  ✿   Power: DC:5V, 1.0A, Battery: 1x3.7V Li-ion 400mAh
  ✿   Cuff pressure range: 0 - 300mmHg
  ✿   Pressure accuracy: ±3mmHg
  ✿   Pulse rate range: 40 -180 beats/min, accuracy: ±5%
  ✿   Operating temperature: 5°C~35°C
  ✿   Operating humidity: <90% RH
  ✿   Storage and transport temperature: -20°C~55°C
  ✿   Storage and transport humidity: <95% RH


  ✿   iPhone 5
  ✿   iPhone 4S
  ✿   iPhone 4
  ✿   iPhone 3GS
  ✿   iPad mini
  ✿   iPad 4 (A1458, A1459, A1460)
  ✿   iPad 3 (A1416, A1403, A1430)
  ✿   iPad 2 (A1395, A1396, A1397)


  ✿   Samsung Mega 6.3
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy S4
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy SIII SGH-I747
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy SIII SCH-I535
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy SII
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy SI
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy Note III
  ✿   Samsung Galaxy Note II
  ✿   HTC One
  ✿   HTC Droid Incredible
  ✿   HTC Droid DNA
  ✿   HTC EVO 3D
  ✿   HTC Desire
  ✿   Motorola Droid 4
  ✿   Motorla Droid Bionic
  ✿   Motorla RAZR
  ✿   LG Nexus 4

  ✿   iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor
  ✿   User Manual
  ✿   Quick Start Guide
  ✿   Charging cable
  ✿   Travel case

Individual Pack

  ✿   Length: 190mm
  ✿   Width: 1150mm
  ✿   Height: 75mm
  ✿   Weight: 0.55kg
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