Eko-Mania: Dry Paper Aluminium Log Maker

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Eko-Mania: Dry Paper Aluminium Log Maker



Our custom made environmentally friendly Dry Paper Log Maker recycles your waste paper into logs to burn on an open fire or wood burning stove. Save's on heating costs by using newspaper, junk mail, shredded paper, cardboard, wood chippings, and wrapping paper as fuel.

Unlike the E-M1001 and E-M1020 log makers you do not need to wet the contents in order to make
logs for the fire, however they do not burn as long.


1. Making the outer casing

Place the outer tube on a sheet of newspaper as shown, with the top edge positioned to the line. Roll
the sheet around the tube and tuck the loose ends into the tube. Stand the tube upright on a flat
surface and proceed to stage 2.

2. Filling the log
Fill the outer tube with paper, or other suitable material (twigs sawdust, dry teabags etc.).Insert the
plunger and compress the waste. Repeat the above steps until the maximum fill line on the plunger
is visible above the compressed waste.

3. Finishing up
Holding the visible end of outer tube firmly, insert the plunger fully – this will eject the log. Twist
the loose ends of newspaper to seal the log. ... and your done!
Sit back and enjoy your hard work.

Full instructions can be found by clicking here

Further Details:

Bar Code:5060152130081
Product Number: E-M1030
Colour: Green/Gold


The Eko Mania range are dispatched the same day directly from the manufacturers main warehouse - as a result we are only able to ship this range WITHIN the UK. Please also note that these are shipped "Royal Mail Tracked" and where this is a "Priority Delivery Service" we can not offer the "Next Day Guranteed" service on these logmakers so please do not choose this at the checkout. If you wish to purchase a logmaker from abroad, please choose one of our Original Log Makers instead.

If you have any questions on this product - please contact us on 01491 836401