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The GreenPC Atom is an low power value machine, based upon the Intel Atom Processor. This ultra small machine is ideal for home use, it's quiet, cool and neat.

Standard Specification:

  • Intel Atom CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • 80GB Energy Efficient Hard Disk
  • 24W Average Power
  • Case: Noah MITX Case (Treeton)
  • Case Dimensions: Height: 97mm, Width: 202mm, Depth: 273mm
  • USB Ports: Front: 2, Rear: 4

  • Economy - Achieved, 24W on Average
  • Ecology - Achieved, Mini ITX ultra small design saves input and transportation carbon. Design is majority aluminium and steel for very high recyclability
  • Performance - Pass, not dual core or high performance but suitable for basic use (web/office). It has long operational life projections
  • Power Consumption*: 24W Average (23W Idle)
  • Average based on 1:9 load-idle ratio. All figures based on base PC configuration (does not take into account peripherals or changes in components or software)

The Atom machine, by default, comes bundled with Ubuntu Linux, Firefox and OpenOffice. There is an option for a DVDRW, and a wi-fi card.
This machine is not recommended for use with Vista, but can support Windows XP. Adding a TV tuner will only work with Windows XP, as these are not linux compatible TV tuners. A total of one add-on card can be added (as there is one slot). Adding a memory card reader will result in an external reader connected by USB. Please do not add a Floppy drive, as there is no space for one! Microsoft Office and Kaspersky Antivirus are available with Windows XP only!

  • PDF Booklet: Not Available Yet
  • Technical Datasheet: Not available Yet
  • Front Ports: 2x USB; 1x Firewire (Not Functional)
  • Rear Ports: 1x 10/100 Network; 2x PS/2; 4 USB, 3 x 3.5mm Audio Jacks, RS232 Serial, Parallel (printer)

GreenPC Treeton II or the BE series machines, are higher performance, featuring dual core processors. On average the Treeton II will use only 4W more.

Does this machine include a network card?
Yes, a 10/100 network card is on the motherboard

I see I can select a Blu Ray drive, can I play Blu Ray movies?
No, the graphics card and CPU is not powerful enough, a Treeton II machine will play these.

What is the difference between a GreenPower and an Energy Efficient Hard Disk?
The GreenPower Disk Offers larger storage for less cost, but it uses 5-6W more electricity


  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • please contact us for delivery dates
Any questions, please call us on 01491 - 836401 7 days a week (9am- 6pm)

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