Tumbleweed Yard Art Pet Loo

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Tumbleweed Yard Art Pet Loo

Tumbleweed Yard Art Pet Loo



The Pet Poo composter will turn your pets droppings into nutritious fertilisers for your garden. As the worms break down the droppings they will then carry this out of the pet poo and deposit it around your garden or yard. By doing this the worms are also aerating your soil. So your droppings have now been transformed into fertiliser with the help of worms and its now re-carbonating your soil which will promote and encourage growth around your garden and yard.

  ✿   Compost your pet droppings fast
  ✿   Free organic fertiliser to enrich your soil
  ✿   Create and encourage fantastic plant growth
  ✿   Perfect for backyards and gardens
  ✿   No mess - no fuss - no odour
  ✿   A piece of art for your backyard
  ✿   Full instruction manual included
  ✿   Vermin proof rim
  ✿   Non slip foot pedal
  ✿   Stylish fitted lid
  ✿   115cm Height
  ✿   52cm Diameter
  ✿   45cm Width
These items are shipped directly from Gardi Tumbleweed and will normally be shipped the same day as ordered.

  ✿   Postage is only £1.95 on this item - regardless of how many you order

Any questions, please just email us at deliveries@itmustbegreen.co.uk and we will be happy to confirm availability and confirmation of postage date.