Tiger Worms

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Tiger Worms

Tiger Worms



How many worms?

150 - £10.95
450 - £21.90
1000 - £32.90

Tiger Worms are the best worms you can use in your Wormery.

  ✿   Supplied in a breathable pouch and sent by priority delivery service to arrive in fresh condition.
  ✿   Can be purchased in pouches of approx 150 , 450 and 1000

A good Worm Farm requires approx. 1500 worms to kick it off

Worms are nature’s composters, not just any worm but special composting worms such as Dendrobaena, reds and tiger Worms, these worms have large appetites and reproduce quickly. Composting worms live just under the surface eating the dead bacteria from decomposing waste.

The worms must be COMPOST WORMS as these worms have big appetites and reproduce quickly. This is vital to make your worm farm work efficiently. If you start off with less than this, your farm will take longer to reach maximum capacity. You can always start with more worms and this will help get your farm to full capacity much quicker. However cost is usually a factor in purchasing more.

Purchasing your Worms

Always purchase your worms from a reliable supplier. They should come with approximately 10 litres of bedding mix. This ensures that they have adequate food and comfortable living conditions. NEVER buy worms that are sold in small plastic take-away food containers as the worms have little food, are stressed and are very likely to die. Happy worms make productive worm farms! If you have any problems we can supply worms via our commercial worm farming contacts.

How much is too much?

The number of worms in a fully operational worm farm will vary. As the amount of food is increased the worm population will increase to cope with the quantity. If the food is reduced, such as when you go away on holiday, then the population will decrease accordingly.

The worms population will never keep increasing ad infinitum. They are surface eaters and each surface area has a maximum number of worms that can live in that space. Ultimately the surface area of the box will determine the maximum population of worms in your worm farm.


Your compost worms will not survive if you throw them onto the garden, unless you have a very thick layer of mulch or you put them in the compost heap. The average garden does not provide enough protection from the heat or enough food for the worms.