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Powertraveller - Start Monkey 200/400



Choice of:
200 (out of stock)
400 - for vans, 4x4 & large diesels (£199.99)

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The world's smallest "jump start" system for car batteries - now available for 4x4's and vans.

In 2009, the RAC were called out a whopping 177,916 times to jumpstart cars! A flat battery was the number 1 reason they were called out for breakdown assistance during last year.

The startmonkey200 is suitable for use on batteries with up to a 650CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and can restart this type of standard 12 volt car battery between 15 and 20 times on a full charge thanks to its High Energy Dynamic Polymer Battery and it's packed with high-tech features to give you total peace of mind. The startmonkey200 has 2 output channels: 1) a 12volt, 120Amp car jump start and 2) a 12volt, 100 watt max, 8Amp DC output for charging your portable gadgets.

The Powertraveller startmonkey200 & startmonkey400 are easy to use

For the average car with a flat battery, firstly ensure the engine battery is 12 volts (if 5 or 24 volts - DO NOT USE with startmonkey200). Check the battery capacity level in the startmonkey200 and then simply attach the jump leads (red to red, black to black) to your car battery and the startmonkey will automatically start delivering 120 amps of continuous power. Leave the startmonkey200 for 5-8 seconds, then turn the ignition on your car and your car will start.

If the car fails to start, leave the startmonkey200 connected for between 10 and 15 minutes and then turn the ignition again. Once your car starts, the startmonkey will automatically switch off. Disconnect the startmonkey and store in case provided.

On the front of the startmonkey is a 4-segment LED array. When the startmonkey200 is activated, the LED array will light up GREEN to visually confirm that the startmonkey200 is charging the flat battery. When the startmonkey is fully charged, all 4 segments of the array will be GREEN. When it is 3/4 charged, 3 segments will be GREEN and when it is 1/2 charged, 2 segments will be GREEN. When the startmonkey only has a 1/4 charge left, the LED turns RED. It is recommended that the startmonkey is recharged when it gets to 50%.

The startmonkey has an input socket so you can recharge it, this will take about 4 hours to charge a startmonkey with a 50% level of charge remaining. From empty, the startmonkey will be recharged via the in-car charger in 8 hours. The startmonkey can also be recharged via the solargorilla, the AC mains charge from the powergorilla and the forthcoming silverback-gorilla. The input socket can even take voltages between 15 - 24 volts to recharge the startmonkey.

The DC output socket on the startmonkey means you can also charge your portable gadgets! Simply connect the included in-car charger socket to the DC output port, pop a motormonkey (not included) into that and using an approved USB cable (not supplied) and tips, you can recharge your phone, iPod, PDA, handheld games consoles and more! You can even use the in-car charger socket with your 12volt in-car chargers to operate your laptop, GPS system, etc.

The startmonkey has very low static wastage - meaning you can leave it unused for up to a year and it will still hold up to 75% of its power! It can also be recharged 500 times - so if your battery is still going flat after all that time - it may be time to get a new car!

You can also recharge the startmonkey via the mains. The charger is not included with the product as we wanted to keep the space and storage down to a minimum but is available to buy here.

Product Dimensions:

  ✿   174 x 46.5 x 49 mms

Safety Precautions:

  ✿   Ensure the startmonkey200 is placed on a stable, secure location
  ✿   i.e. outside edge wing of car, so that is cannot fall into the engine bay
  ✿   Do not leave startmonkey200 in engine bay once the car has started
  ✿   Do not connect startmonkey200 to a 5volt or 24volt battery as this will damage the startmonkey200

Safety Features:

  ✿   2 output level protection features
  ✿   cannot 100% drain itself - self-protects
  ✿   balance charging and discharging
  ✿   short-circuit protection
  ✿   wrong polarity protection
  ✿   over-charge protection
  ✿   integrated software to control charging procedure
  ✿   low battery warning display
  ✿   ONLY to be used with 12volt vehicle engine batteries e.g. cars, bikes, boats, lawnmowers, etc
  ✿   If startmonkey200 is connected to a 6v or 24v battery, it will not activate.
  ✿   Startmonkey200 interrogates the battery it is connected to and confirms that the range is between 8 - 14v, before automatically switching on.


  ✿   CE, FCC, RoHS, E-Mark, Green Dot and WEEE


Do not open the device or make any attempt to disassemble or modify the device as this will invalidate the warranty/guarantee. This may also result in the risk of fire, personal injury or damage to personal property. Please refer to user guide for full operating instructions. Please always refer to car manufacturer's instructions before attempting to jump start your car. For some hybrid vehicles, jump starting is not recommended.

Product Datasheet:

Click here for a downloadable PDF about the Start Monkey 200.
Click here for a downloadable PDF about the Start Monkey 400.

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