PowerPlus Owl - Durable Wind-Up Power Lantern

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PowerPlus Owl - Dynamo Lantern



The PowerPlus Owl is the ultimate high performance eco-friendly camping lantern:

Leave your batteries at home – the ultra-light and durable PowerPlus Owl is powered exclusively by wind-up power, enabling you total freedom and completely mobile eco-friendly illumination. With 6 ultra bright LEDs, the Owl portable lantern guarantees a bright and reliable light source whenever you need it – just wind up and go.

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Shine Time:

  • After one minute of winding: up to 25 minutes of light
  • After 10 minutes of winding (fully charged): up to 100 minutes of light

  • Protective rubber casing
  • Handy carry handle
  • Splash resistant
  • 6.5 lumens of light