PowerPlus Barracuda

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PowerPlus Barracuda - Solar & Rechargeable Flashlight



This rugged PowerPlus Barracuda torch combines two renewable energy sources at the same time. Charge the Barracuda in sunlight or use the dynamo handle to wind up the flashlight. One minute of winding guarantees up to 60 minutes of shine time.

Alternatively, leaving your Barracuda in direct sunlight will provide up to 90 minutes of torchlight. There are 3 functions, each activating the ultra-bright LEDs in a different way - choose from 1 LED, 3 LED or 3 flashing LEDs. Waterproof up to 5 metres.

For a product sheet of the PowerPlus Barracuda - Solar & Rechargeable Flashlight - Click Here


  • Solar and rechargeable flashlight
  • Waterproof to 5 metres
  • 60 seconds wind gives up to 1 hour shine time

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