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POWERplus LampbaseTimer

POWERplus LampbaseTimer



Everybody will recognise the problem. You enter a room and somebody before you left the lights on. A waste of energy and money. POWERplus now brings you the solution! This patented and design registered product saves energy in an easy way. Just connect the lampbasetimer between the lamp base and the lamp and select the time you want to switch off the light automatically (between 5 and 60 minutes). When you or someone else forgets to switch off the light, the lampbasetimer will do it for you. An effective and easy way to save energy. P

Product Details:

  ✿   Plug and play. Installed in only a few seconds
  ✿   Switch off time is adjustable
  ✿   Suitable for E27 lamps
  ✿   Includes B22 adapter for UK market to fit both E27 and B22 lamp bases
  ✿   Plug and play. Easy install
  ✿   Save energy and money

Product Datasheet:

For a downloadable PDF of the POWERplus Lampbase TImer - Click Here