Pet Poo Wormery

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Pet Poo Wormery



An environmentally friendly way to turn doggy poo into a great compost!

This Tumbleweed Pet Poo Loo is a great way to turn pet poo into great worm castings (compost) and a liquid fertiliser for your garden. Because of the nature of the waste (faeces) we do not advise using the end compost in vegetable patches or in areas where young children would play - but it is an excellent conditioner to be dug into your garden or used as a bedding for shubbery etc... You may even choose to continue disposing of your dog waste, but reduce the quantity vastly by processing it through the Pet Poo Loo Wormery first.
Suitable for up to 2 average size or 1 large dog(s) this Wormery is delivered complete with full instructions, live Tiger worms and the required bedding to start them off on.

NB. If you just want to deal with food waste, our standard range of Wormeries might be more up your street!
Delivered complete with:

  ✿   Fresh supply of Tiger Worms
  ✿   Worm Bedding
  ✿   1Kg Bokashi Bran Accelerator
  ✿   2 Composting Trays
  ✿   Drainage Sump and Stand
  ✿   Dimensions: H 36cm x W 41cm x D 41cm

note: we supply the Pet Poo Loo with a free batch of Bokashi Bran. Using this is optional, but will help accellerate the decomposition process when a small sprinkling is used once every 3-4 weeks.
These items are shipped directly from Original Organics and will normally be shipped the same day as ordered.

  ✿   Postage is FREE on this item.

Any questions, please just email us at and we will be happy to confirm availability and confirmation of postage date.
How does the Pet Poo Loo Work?
The Pet Poo Convertor consists of two sturdy, nesting, trays with a lid, drainage sump and stand which forms a neat, compact, portable unit. The worms eat and breed in the working tray. This has a perforated base to allow any liquid waste to drain through to the drainage sump. The "worm poo" or worm castings remain in the top section and can be harvested as desired. The bottom sump collects the valuable liquid waste which can be diluted and used as a fertiliser on your garden.

Is it safe?
As long as you use the Pet Poo Wormery as directed, following the special included instructions carefully - it is safe to use. Indeed commercial worm farms rear the worms on manure. The only thing we recommend is not using the end compost in vegetable patches or where small children may play. It still makes for a great compost for flower or shrubbery beds, however, and of course you can still dig it into the garden or mix with other compost as a soil conditioner.

Can I put food waste into the Pet Poo Wormery?
No - well, not at the same time. It is best not to mix the diet by introducing both Pet Poo and normal food waste at the same time. So stick to either food waste or pet poo. If you are looking specifically for a Wormery for food waste, you'll probably find the rest of our Wormery range more suitable.

Can I use this Wormery as a 'normal' Wormery (i.e. with food waste)?
Yes, that is absolutely fine. If you specifically like the design of this particular Wormery, or if you change your mind and do not with to compost your pet poo any more you can use this Wormery with normal food waste (just not at the same time) and that will work just fine. If you are looking specifically for a Wormery for food waste, you'll probably find the rest of our Wormery range more suitable.

How much Poo will the Pet Poo Loo cope with?
The Pet Poo Loo is designed to take the average waste excrement of 2 average sized dogs or 1 large dog.