Lid for 400L Composter

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Lid for 400L Composter

Lid for 400L Composter



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Lid for 400/800L Composter
Lid for 600/1200L Composter

Model Availability:

  ✿   Lid for 400, 800 & 1150 Blackdown Wooden Composters
  ✿   Lid for 600, 1200 & 1900 Blackdown Wooden Composters

Product Details

  ✿   High-quality, fitted, FSC Wooden Lids for our wooden modular compost bins.
  ✿   Treated with non-toxic preservative so as not to harm the worms, bugs and insects present in the bin.
  ✿   Fits 400, 800 and 1150 Blackdown Range Wooden Composters.
  ✿   Product image shows the Lid on a standard 400 Blackdown Range Wooden Composter.