Shades of Autumn Batik Squares

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Cylindrical Lamp Shade - Shades of Autumn Batik Squares (35x20cm)

Cylindrical Lamp Shade - Shades of Autumn Batik Squares (35x20cm)



Every single lampshade is handmade by More Than bags in their workshops in North Wales and are hand finished to the highest quality.

The shades are handmade to order from a range of 40+ design options ~ and all are backed with lighting PVC to ensure a solid and rigid shade for your use.

A beautiful hand crafted lampshade will add warmth and a focal point in any room. If you dont see the exact lampshade to match your decor, then please let us know - More Than Bags also offer a custom bespoke range.
  ✿   35 cm diameter x 20 cm tall
  ✿   Handmade in Wales by More Than Bags
  ✿   Drum / Cylindrical shades
  ✿   All of our shades are hand crafted in Wales to the highest standards.
  ✿   Rigid PVC construction makes all shades solid and strong
  ✿   The majority of our shades can be hung from the ceiling or placed onto a lamp - please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific shade
  ✿     ✿   Batik Tread Plate Green - MTB-L03-P11
  ✿   Shades of Autumn Batik Squares - MTB-L03-P19
  ✿   Red Batik Flower - MTB-L03-P15
  ✿   Pink Stripe - MTB-L03-P07
  ✿   Blue Batik Flower - MTB-L03-P37
  ✿   Green Batik Flower - MTB-L03-P16
  ✿   Batik Tread Plate Purple - MTB-L03-P20
  ✿   Batik Multi Square - MTB-L03-P01
  ✿   Blue Stripe - MTB-L03-P08
  ✿   Abstract Flowers on Teal - MTB-L03-P03b
  ✿   Pink Flowers on Red Base - MTB-L03-P44
  ✿   White Floral - MTB-L03-P41
  ✿   Gold Stems on Black - MTB-L03-P39
  ✿   Pink Flowers on Black Base - MTB-L03-P38
  ✿   Abstract Flowers on Teal - MTB-L03-P45
These items are shipped directly from More Than Bags and will normally be shipped the same day as ordered.

  ✿   Postage is only £1.95 on this item - regardless of how many you order

Any questions, please just email us at and we will be happy to confirm availability and confirmation of postage date.
Lokta paper is a 100% sustainable resource as it is made from the bark of a plant which grows high in the Himalayas. This unique paper is made in the Himalayas in Nepal. Completely free from any chemical treatments. There is no bleach or chlorine used in the making of this paper - making it totally natural. The soil in which the plants are grown is 100% organic. The Lokta plant from which this tree-less paper is made is only found at an altitude of 6,500 to 10,000 feet in the Himalayas, and the plant bark only is used ensuring that the plant continues to grow - therefore making it completely sustainable.