Installation Details

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When following these instructions, please refer to the diagram at the end of this page. If you would like a PDF then you can download these instructions here

1. Set max water level on water butt

2. Maximum water level mark on filter.

Mark on downpipe but do not cut, should correspond tio maximum water level in water butt.

3. Measure up from max water level on downpipe 162mm. Measure down which ever distance is applicable. Go to 4 or 4A, which ever is relevant to your installation.Gutter Mate Square to Round Adaptor Assembly

4. If using round downpipe up to 80mm diameter or square downpipe with stand off mounting brackets.

Measure down 187mm

4a. If using square downpipe with close fitting mounting brackets. Use the square to round adaptor

Measure down 230mm.

5. Place main outlet of filter into top of bottom piece of downpipe or into square to round adaptor after fitting adaptor into top of bottom piece of downpipe.

6. Mark hole positions on wall and drill with 6mm diameter drill to a depth of 33mm.

7. Smear one drop of washing up liquid onto the outside of the diverter outlet and hose adaptor and then push/screw hose onto each. Be sure to push the hose right up to the bottom of the filter body and up to the smooth parallel shoulder on the hose adaptor.

Note - If the main outlet at the bottom of the Gutter Mate has to fit into downpipe with an internal dimension less than 60mm square or 65mm round a female male reducer will be needed. Please contact us if required.



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