H2O Multifunction Alarm Clock

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Multifunction Alarm Clock



  • Fully featured time and date display
  • Alarm
  • Countdown timer
  • Portable and small enough to carry in your pocket
    Simply rotate the clock to see a range of functions such as time, alarm, timer and temperature. For an endless source of energy, just add water. An electrochemical reaction between the electrodes and water produces electrical energy.

    The new H2O Multifunction Clock is the latest in ecological and environmental design. Incorporating the revolutionary and patented, H2O powered battery, together with innovative use of conventional digital technology the H2O Multifunction Clock offers the user an environmental design solution for a product that is used in every day life.

    This has all been made possible by groundbreaking developments in portable power technology operated by an inexhaustible resource H2O. The patented technology utilises two electrodes consisting of specially formulated alloys, one positive, and the other negative. When immersed in an electrochemical reaction takes place resulting in the production of electrical energy.

    To maintain a constant supply of energy simply refill as the water evaporates, typically every 2 to 3 months. The H2O battery has a minimum continuous life of at least 2 years. In addition to this, the H2O battery (unlike all other conventional batteries) can be stored in its dry state indefinitely and can be left to dry out at any time during its life and its life extended indefinitely.

    As all the components of the H2O battery are recyclable, the benefits over traditional batteries are countless. Every year billions of conventional dry cell batteries are used, and the recycling of such waste is not only expensive but often incomplete, resulting in hazardous pollution and damage to our environment.

    The H2O multifunction Clock is the most unique powered product anywhere in the world today. By just adding you are providing your product with an endless source of energy. At the end of the H2O battery’s life (indicated by dimming of the display) simply replace the battery and start all over again.

    Not only is the H2O Multifunction Clock environmentally friendly, innovative and good-looking, it boasts a range of functions that are initiated by simply rotating the clock through 90-degree turns.

    Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 50 mm