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Freeloader ISIS Click

Freeloader ISIS Click



The ultimate power bundle for photographers, iSIS Click comprises the award winning Freeloader iSIS power station and the super compact universal camera cradle, CamCaddy2

Charging capability from a fully charged iSIS

  ✿   Smart Phone – up to 3x
  ✿   GPS – up to 3x
  ✿   Tablet – up to 1x
  ✿   Camera – up to 3x
  ✿   Games Console – up to 3x
  ✿   MP3 – up to 4x
  ✿   Raspberry Pi – 4hrs of use
Power Your Adventures with the all new iSIS. Super compact and lightweight, the iSIS solar powered battery bank delivers class leading charging performance – providing a full days charge for all electronic gadgets.

With an all-weather solar cell that’s up to 50% more efficient than the competition, iSIS is the perfect companion for smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, camera and console, thanks to its integrated charging arms (Lightning/micro USB) and USB socket.

Quality materials, rugged construction and a tough case ensures the iSIS is built for real world use and an attachment strap means it can be securely fixed to any bag. Introducing the all new Supercharger, the adaptable, portable solar charger that directly and instantly charges a full range of electronic gadgets, including smartphones, MP3’s, GPS, E-readers and tablets – Just add daylight!

The CamCaddy2 is an evolution of the original and best selling CamCaddy2. Now with enhanced features for even better camera battery charging performance.

CamCaddy2 can power any digital SLR or compact camera block style battery (max battery size 50mm). Supplied with a USB cable, CamCaddy 2 can be powered from any lap top or PC or USB mains / in car plug. It can also be connected to the Freeloader iSIS, Pico and Supercharger5w solar chargers if camera battery charging is needed in remote locations.

An LCD screen gives shows; battery voltage (range from 3v to 9v), charge status, charging time and bad battery cell indicator.

Tough and lightweight the CamCaddy2 has a rubberised coating and at a featherweight 50g, CamCaddy2 is the ideal camera battery charger to take on your adventures.
Technical Description iSIS

  ✿   220mA high efficiency solar panel
  ✿   4000mAh Li-PO4 battery.
  ✿   5V/1A output.
  ✿   LCD data screen – battery status / power input
  ✿   Charge two devices at the same time
  ✿   Built in Lightning connector
  ✿   Built in Micro connector
  ✿   Built in Female USB connector
  ✿   Charge from in built solar cell (18hrs) / USB (6hrs) / accessory Supercharger solar cell (5 hrs)
  ✿   All cables able to tolerate temperatures from -20C to + 60C

Technical Description of CamCaddy2

  ✿   Charges all block style li-ion battery packs up to 9v.
  ✿   LCD data screen shows charge status, charge time, battery voltage and charging current
  ✿   Super fast charging – can fully charge a battery in less than 1.5hrs

  ✿   Freeloader iSIS Charger
  ✿   USB charging cable
  ✿   Tough rubberised case
  ✿   Velcro attachment strap.
  ✿   CamCaddy2
  ✿   USB charging cable
  ✿   Instruction manual – English / German / French / Spanish / Italian
  ✿   Product Name: Freeloader iSIS Click
  ✿   Part Number: FL5100


  ✿   Size (inc case) 25x76x137mm (W/D/H)
  ✿   Weight – 240g


  ✿   Size 55 x 24 x 106 mm (W/D/H)
  ✿   Weight – 65g

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