Eko-Mania: Briquette Bands

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Eko-Mania: Briquette Bands



Our custom made environmentally friendly Briquette Bands(tm) recycles your waste paper into logs to burn on an open fire or wood burning stove. Help conserve forests, reduce landfill and save on heating costs by using newspaper, junk mail, shredded paper, cardboard, wood chippings, and wrapping paper as fuel.


* The easy way to recycle waste paper and save money
* Sturdy all-steel construction
* Easy and safe to use
* No need to soak the paper--ready for the fire right away
* Free heat from old newspapers & cardboard
* Logs will burn as well as wood for up to a half hour


* Roll the paper / cardboard tightly
* Place a Briquette Band(tm) around the rolled paper
* Its now ready to burn
* Remove the band after the content have burned and reuse!


The Eko Mania range are dispatched the same day directly from the manufacturers main warehouse - as a result we are only able to ship this range WITHIN the UK. If you wish to pucrhase a logmaker from abroad, please choose one of our Original Log Makers instead.

If you have any questions on this product - please contact us on 01491 836401