Ecozone Eco-Balls Refills 1000

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Ecoballs refill kit - enough for 1000 washes

Ecoballs refill kit - enough for 1000 washes



We are now able to offer refills for the EcoBalls® Wash Kit - making EcoBalls® one of the most eco friendly clothes wash systems around. Packed in handy 45g bags, the EcoBalls® wash system refill pellets will last up to 1000 washes - so when your existing set of EcoBalls® are used up, now you can refill them.


  • To use these refills you must have a set of 3 EcoBalls units - these refills must not be used on their own without the EcoBalls units
  • Open each EcoBall by first removing the sponge ring and the screw from the centre of the unit, you can then unscrew the two halves of the EcoBall
  • If the unit is difficult to open, tap the rim against a hard surface and try again
  • Make sure that the units are tightly put back together after you have refilled them
  • The Ecoballs are not suitable for use in tumble dryers and so must be taken our before the dry cycle. However, Dryer Balls are perfect for tumble drying.

    Product Datasheet:

    Click here for a downloadable PDF about the Ecozone range.

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