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Ecosavers Energy Meter



The EcoSavers® Energy Meter is a high quality measuring device which gives you more control on your electricity use. Simply plug in the energy metre in the mains and plug the device you want to measure into the energy meter.

The energy meter gives you all the important information, like energy consumption in KWh and EUR/currency, energy use at this moment (Watt), measuring time etc. Measuring = knowing.

This product contributes to the awareness of energy use and gives you exact information about the use of energy, so you can decide how to save energy.
  ✿   Normal operation voltage: 230Vac/50Hz
  ✿   Load current: max. 16A
  ✿   Voltage working range: 175Vac~ 276Vac
  ✿   Day display range: 0 second~ 9999 days
  ✿   Power display range: 0.0W~ 9999W
  ✿   Voltage display range: 0.0V~ 9999V
  ✿   Current display range: 0.000A~ 9999A
  ✿   Frequency display range: 0Hz~9999Hz
  ✿   Electrical cost range: 0.00COST/kWh~99.99COST/kWh
  ✿   Electrical consumption range: 0.000 kWh~9999 kWh
  ✿   Total cost of energy: 0.00COST~9999COST
  ✿   Unit price of power range: 00.00COST/kWh~99.99COST/kWh
  ✿   Working Voltage: 175Vac~276Vac
  ✿   Voltage Frequency: 45 ~ 65HZ
  ✿   Working Current: =16A
  ✿   Working Temperature: 0 ~ 50°C
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