Eco Kettle - Electronic Control

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Eco Kettle - Electronic Control

Eco Kettle - Electronic Control



The Eco Kettle - with Electronic Temperature Control.

The Eco Kettle looks like a stylish electric jug kettle in appearance but it has a special feature that allows the user to fill the kettle to its maximum, but then allows them to boil one to eight cups according to their requirements.

Using the Eco Kettle will save electricity, it will save water, it will save you time (it comes to the boil really fast) and it will save you money. And what's more, choosing the easy Eco-Kettle-way to conserving energy while boiling water, helps minimise carbon dioxide emission levels. It's an easy, simple and valuable choice to make.

In independent consumer trials, directed by the Energy Saving Trust, the ECO kettle used over 30% less energy than standard kettles - Defra estimate that If everybody in the UK used an ECO Kettle, we would save 1,270,000,000 KWh of electricity every year.

Product Datasheet:

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