Ecozone Dryer Balls

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Eco-Dryer Balls



Dryer Balls save money and time with any load. Using dryer balls will reduce drying time by 25% and have soft clothes naturally without fabric softeners. Dryerballs are completely non-toxic and allergy-free, they are an enviromentally friendly way to soften your laundry. Scientifically tested and proven to soften fabric naturally, reduce drying time, make ironing easier and reduce lint and static.

Unlike the Ecoballs which are not suitabke for use in tumble dryers (and so must be taken our before the dry cycle), the Dryer Balls are perfect for tumble drying.

Product Datasheet:

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Eco-Balls 1000 washes

Eco-Balls 1000 washes


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Magno Ball

Magno Ball