Compost Duvet

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Compost Duvet

Compost Duvet



The Compost Duvet has been developed to prevent heat loss in the compost, especially useful in the early stages of decomposition. Heat builds up naturally and if it can be maintained it can destroy weeds, seeds and disease. This entirely new concept has proved to maintain high temperatures within the compost, both day and night. It will also keep out frosts in winter. The Duvet fits snugly into our wooden bins but it can be used on any compost pile or in any compost bin.

Can be ordered in 2 sizes:

  ✿   400 fits 400, 800 and 1150 Blackdown Range Wooden Composters
  ✿   600 fits 600, 1200 and 1900 Blackdown Range Wooden Composters

Product image shows the Compost Duvets on a standard 400 Blackdown Range Single Wooden Composter which is not included.