Chimney Pillow - Log burner

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Chimney Pillow - Log burner

Chimney Pillow - Log burner



Specifically for Log Burning stoves - Stop chimney draughts - save heating costs

• Designed specifically for 6 inch flues
• Allows a little ventilation up the flue
• Easy to inflate and deflate
• Easily positioned within the flue, no tools required
• Comes complete with a two foot mouth inflation tube

• Stops downdraughts and up draughts
• Stops debris, soot and bird mess
• Inflate to install, deflate to remove
• Allows a little ventilation
• Easy to install and is reusable
• Completely safe, when heated it shrivels up

The Chimney Pillow is the simple, cost-effective way to stop chimney/flue draughts, reduce noise and heat loss. Easy to install and remove, it is made from a special laminate of three poly plastics making it airtight, tear-resistant and long lasting.

To reduce hot air escaping up and cold air coming down a chimney, thereby reducing heating bills and making the room more comfortable. Especially useful for use in the summer months, when the log burner is not often in use but will be a source of drafts and therefore reduce the temperature of the room.

Product Datasheet
Click here for a downloadable PDF about the Chimney Pillow - Log burner.