Aladdin Radiator Auto Vent - STANDARD

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Aladdin Radiator Auto Vent - STANDARD HV30 C



The Auto Vent automatically vents air from any central heating radiator, ensuring that only water remains and hence maintaining maximum heat efficiency. During normal operation central heating radiators require bleeding from time to time, this is normal and a common and regular occurrence. By fitting the Auto Vent the bleeding process is carried out automatically without any intervention and guarantees optimum performance and heat transfer at all times. The result is a hotter radiator from the same energy, which in turn will lead to lower energy bills. Fitting the Auto Vent is simple and requires only an adjustable spanner. Usually just one Auto Vent is required, as usually one radiator is prone to the air problem more than the others in the system. Available in two models, standard and micro that fit all known radiators - throw away your radiator key for good and feel the extra warmth!

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Instructions for Standard Vent
Instructions for Mico Vent
Aladdin Data Sheet
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