About the Pedalite range

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All of the Pedalite range has been designed and manufactured to high standards, ensuring no disposable batteries, maximum safety, and long life.

Pedal Light

The Pedalite range is headed by the highly successful, patented, battery free bicycle Pedal Light - a retrofit for bicycles, enabling front, side and rear LED lights to be visible (up to 1 KM) while pedalling AND when stationary at junctions - all of this and it does not use a battery, nor add any noticeable effort to the pedal.

Download a PDF about the ... Pedalite PedalLights


Following on from the Pedal Light is the Anklelite, powered by a highly efficient solar panel, ideal for cyclists, joggers, horse riders or just walking the dog on a winter evening.

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Toe Clips

Then there's the Pedalite Toe Clips - super strong bicycle pedal toe clips that are able to be very simply retro-fitted to Pedalite Battery Free 360 Degree Visibility Pedal Lights.

Download a PDF about the ... Pedalite Toeclips


Finally Baglite - a solar powered solution for lighting anyone front and back, to ensure they are seen in the dark, on a bicycle, horse, jogging, or walking home from school. Baglite is designed to be worn directly or fit over a back pack.

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