Mission Statement

Mission Statement
"Customers are more important than profit"

"Our goal is to bring knowledge about environmental products to our customers to help them make a more informed decision"

1) Bring knowledge to our customers to help them make an informed decision
2) Show our customers what products are out there to help them achieve this
3) Help our customers learn about their own environmental impact on the planet
4) Promote local ethical and environmental companies with similar views to It Must Be Green

It Must Be Green is also a member of Transition Oxford and Sustainable Wallingford and we would recommend to you all to search out and join your local environmental groups. Together we CAN make a difference! Finally, we only work with ethical suppliers, distributors and manufacturers - all of whom we have a close working relationship with.
Dorian - founder and day to day manager
Lynda - operations manager (office, customers, packing and orders)
David - finance and accounts
Cat - in house consultant (environmental advice)
Tim - hands on chap (microgeneration expert)
In these pages you will find plenty of useful links to other web sites and organisations that It Must Be Green are sure will help you learn more. We also offer a newsletter and a blog - so please stay in touch and let the team at "It Must Be Green" know what more we can do to help you.

The Beginning

As the founder of It Must Be Green, I used to work in IT for companies such as Microsoft. However, there came a point when I could no longer stand the greed or desire to make money at any cost - treating customers just as money making objects with little regard for what they actually needed. I started speaking to friends and family and soon realised that I wasn’t the only one to feel this way. Why couldn’t one have a small business that deals ethically and morally - treating its customers and suppliers fairly and decently? This was the purpose behind It Must Be Green - and I hope you the customers feel the same way as I do. However - only time will tell!
It Must be Green never knowingly charges more for any of our products than you will find anywhere else. If you find an identical product more cheaply, we will try our hardest to match that price.
To all our customers, It Must Be Green promises:
  • answer phone calls or e-mail enquiries within 24 hours
  • offer a no quibble 30 day back guarantee
  • treat our staff well and pay them a fair wage
  • treat our suppliers well and pay them a fair price
  • We hope you find this acceptable, but if you have any problems in the course of doing business with It Must Be Green, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: complaints@itmustbegreen.co.uk

    All the staff here at It Must Be Green thank you for your custom and support of our customer policies.