27L Single Bokashi Composter

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27L Single Bokashi Composter

27L Single Bokashi Composter



This is a Single Bokashi Composter Kit.
Bucket dimensions are:

  ✿   Capacity: 27 Litres / 6 Gallons
  ✿   Diameter: 14 inches/ 36cm / 360mm
  ✿   Height: 16 inches/ 40cm / 400mm
Each kit includes:

  ✿   1kg Bokashi Bran
  ✿   1 Tap
  ✿   1 Drainage Tray
  ✿   1 Bokashi Scoop
  ✿   1 Lid
  ✿   Detailed Instructions on how to set up and use your Bokashi Composting Kit.
These items are shipped directly from Original Organics and will normally be shipped the same day as ordered.

  ✿   Postage is FREE on this item.

Any questions, please just email us at deliveries@itmustbegreen.co.uk and we will be happy to confirm availability and confirmation of postage date.